Sunday, 5 October 2014

Quick update on Paul-1976 who has a new avatar and ebook !

Hi avid readers,

Just a update on Paul-1976, Eddie Mitchell (the old codger from tame troll who is launching a new ebook called "How to fuck a forum up in ten steps and ban high contributing members".

Its destined to become the bible of moronic style moderating.

Paul's Latest Avatar


Paul Jones Phd


  1. We don't need a book to tell us it is a failure. The calibre of it's posters show that they think they are on facebook. Where did they think it was going? Two Mods, both duplicitous and Eddie at the helm, a recipe for disaster.

  2. What is quite clear that the said forum is failing. Not many members, boring topics and the fact that Ediie is involved will put many off joining!

  3. Paul has repeatedly shown on DCUK that he cannot abide by rules and yet he is now deciding who says what on another forum. How does that work? I suppose Eddie wanted his Mods to be the worst and he has succeeded. How anyone could take Paul seriously is beyond me, a little boy who throughout has provided very little in the way of responsibility He is always in a state of denial about his actions. Power has invaded his brain. With power comes responsibility but not in his case. He cannot command respect from any normal thinking person.

    Mo is another one, a slippery character who changes his mind depending on which way the wind is blowing and now likes taking the mickey out of DCUK and it's members. These members were the very ones he agreed with when he was moderating on DCUK.
    Misfits and very little up top with the morals of alley cats.

  4. The new avatar displayed by the idiot Paul is to take the mickey out of a DCUK member. Childish but then Paul comes across as a child so what would you expect. He has no concept of anything and seems to be suffering from some sort of brain disfunction. He also has no social skills He can only talk about low carbing, anything else is beyond him. Needs a new circuit in his brain but I don't think you can get them on the NHS.

  5. To call Paul Graham and Eddie morons is an insult to morons in general

    They are just internet jockeys and cowards who are unable to debate anything rationally who spend all theyre time insulting everyone who dares to question their ridiculous "my-way or the highway" view of diabetic control.

    Pity the fools

    1. What can we call them? They are in a class of their own rather than being a class act.
      They're the sort of people that in real life you would go out of your way to avoid.
      PS. There are many morons on their forum and Mo is reaching the dizzy heights of being a moron too. Andy Pandy always was a moron.

  6. I see Paul has been banned from DCUK. The reason. unsavoury and poisonous. They got that right.